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Food and chemical meters

Food and chemical meters like the Electro-Magnetic Mag 1100" & Mag 1100F...

Mag Food & Chemical

Mass meters

Coriolis Mass Meters. For high accuracy fuel monitoring, and high accuracy food & chemical control...

Mass Flow Meters

Vortex flow meters

Vortex Flow meters, for Steam and Gas applications such as the Sitrans FX300 picture above...

Steam & Gas

ultrasonic heat meters

Ultrasonic Heat Meters, Open Channel meters, Ultrasonic Meters Clamp On Meters...

Ultrasonic Heat Meters

ultrasonic level meters

Ultrasonic Level measurement for Radar and Capacitance. Full range pictured...

Ultrasonic Level

averaging pito meters

Averaging Pito Meters, Applications include Steam Gas & Air measurement...


Differential pressure meters

Sitrans DS-III Differential Pressure transmitters, also Pressure measurement...


Flowright Logo
Tempurature meters and transmitters

Temperature Gauges and Temperature transmitters are also in our range. The Sitrans TF meter is feature here...


Turbidity meters

Turbidity Meters & On Line turbidity measurement instruments for Water, Brewing & Chemical industries. Sigrist AquaScat is above...


flowright metering systems

Flowright Metering Systems Ltd

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Flowright Metering Systems